The Shores of My Hometown
Bill Isles

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Bill Isles: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin - I recorded all the scratch tracks in the main room of the cabin, near the woodstove, and then, used the sauna for final tracking. It looks bigger than it is. It's 12'x20' with an 8'x12' loft.  
Kate Isles: Vocals - It was very important to me to integrate Kate into this album. By recording it myself, it gave us the flexiblity to make that happen. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture. This one is from the Old Country Church Theatre not far from our cabin/studio.  
April Verch - Fiddle - I am so honored to have April on this project. Her mastery of the instrument is known world-wide, but her intuition in improvisation was just plain amazing. AND she's just a really, really nice person. I travelled to St. Joseph, Michigan to meet up with her on tour and record at the Box Factory for the Arts.  
Gordy Johnson - Bass - This is my second project wtih Gordo and I am so thrilled with the results. His beautiful bass-work is a foundation part of the "sound" of this album. We recorded the bass  parts in his parents home in Minneapolis. I'm so bummed that I forgot to take a picture, but here's one at a gig in Bayfield, Wisconsin.  
Michelle Kinney - Cello - My third album with Michelle. First, she created the "floor" of the Sistine Chapel on "The Threshold", then, the interaction with the guitar work in "Morning Sketchbook" on "The Calling. On this album, she is showcased on three songs. In this photo, she's recording "A Good Life".  
Marc Anderson - Percussion - Marc has the ability to listen to a piece of music once and pull out the perfect form of percussion to accompany it. We had such a great time working together.  
Ted Heinonen - Mandolin - I'm hoping that this album gives Ted's mandolin wizardry the widespread attention that he deserves. He's a world-class mandolin player with whom I get to jam regularly. I was so pleased that he's back on this project. The session photo was taken in my sauna/sound booth at the cabin/studio.  
Radoslav Lorkovic - Accordion - I've been performing casually with Rad at Lilfest in Wilmette, IL for the past three years. This year, while the festival was going on outside, we went to the third floor and recorded Minnesota Home in two takes.  
Jennifer Daniels: Vocals - We met Jennifer and her husband and music collaborator, Jeff Neal at a gig in Duluth, MN in early 2005. She and Jeff have become good friends. This picture was taken at the cabin just after her session on "Matching Baggage".  
Buddy Mondlock - Vocals - Buddy is such a great friend. He's one of the first people that I met when I started to go to Nashville in 2001. We've golfed, toured and sailed together, and now, recorded together. Well, he was in the sauna by himself...